aboutme v1.03

What is aboutme?
aboutme is a small bash script I've written that will give you a good deal of information about your *nix machine. I've written this script for and used it on several Debian, Fedora, and Slackware machines. It can and should run on other distros.

Current version is v1.03.
Features Information aboutme displays:

  • OS type
  • Hostname
  • Who you are currently logged in as
  • Who you originally logged in as
  • Hardware Architecture
  • CPU Model (exp. Pentium II/III/4) *Multi-Processor support
  • CPU Speed *Multi-Processor support
  • Kernel Version
  • Distro. & versions # (currently only supports Debian & Slackware, other distros receive "n/a")
  • Kernel Release
  • Disk drive info. (size, used, available, %, mount point)
  • System memory & swap info.


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